Draft Programme

 The following is a draft programme.  Timings may shift, but it gives accurate details of keynote and panel speakers.

Friday 1st February, Birkbeck College

(Keynes Library, School of Arts, 43 Gordon Square)

9am-9.15 Arrival and registration  
9.15-10.15 Keynote speaker Jessica Winston, The Early Modern Legal Profession and the Literary Culture of the Inns of Court
10.15-11.25 Panel 1 – gentlemen and disorder (men will be men!) Charles Cathcart, “Rogues”: Edward Sharpham and John Day

Katherine Hunt, Order, disorder, and ringing church bells: youths of the Middle Temple and campanalogical sociability in the mid-seventeenth century

Duncan Salkeld, Scandal at the Inns of Court, 1570-1600

11.25-11.50 Coffee  
11.50-12.40 Panel 2 – scandal, language and circumscribed agency Judith Hudson, ‘Fewer writings and more truths’: law, cheap print and the Carleton scandal of 1663

Jackie Watson, The voice of Sir Thomas Overbury: satires, letters and in-group language

12.40-1.30 Panel 3 – succession and rebellion Dominique Goy-Blanquet, Killing the Queen : ‘It lawfully maie be done’

Andrew Kau, George Salterne’s Tomumbeius and the 1580s Inns of Court Civil War Play

1.30-2.30 Lunch break  
2.30-3.30 Keynote speaker Subha Mukherji, ‘Understood relations’: law, drama and the case of John Webster
3.30-4.20 Panel 4 – justice in the playhouse


Susanne Gruss, “Philip Massinger for the Middle Temple? The Queen of Corinth, The Fatal Dowry and the Genre of Legal Learning”

Armell Sabatier, Women on trial in John Ford’s Drama

4.20-4.40 Coffee  
4.40-5.30 Panel 5 – playing outside the law Robert Fox, The Beyond of the Whole: Contemplating the Threat of Unassimability to Common Law in Webster’s The White Devil

Derek Dunne, ‘Most just and upright in our judgement seat’: John Marston’s Antonio’s Revenge as a challenge to Middle Temple justice.

Saturday 2nd February, Middle Temple Hall

9-9.30 Arrival and registration  
9.30-10.30 Keynote speaker Sarah Knight, ‘There shall you see a puny boy start vp,/And make a theame against common lawyers’: Antagonism between the Universities and Inns of Court in Early Modern England
10.30-11 Coffee  
11-12.10 Panel 6 – Manningham and the importance of place Will Tosh, Fashioning Manningham at the Middle Temple

Hannah Crawforth, Placing John Donne’s Sermons: Etymological Wit at the Inns of Court

Chris D’Addario, Manningham at Middle Temple, Manningham out on the Town: Conversation and Locale in John Manningham’s Diary

12.10-1.10 Keynote speaker Paul Raffield, Men of Violence, Men of Vision: John Davies and John Marston at the Middle Temple
1.10-2.10 Lunch break  
2.10-3.45 Panel 7 and dance demonstration – issues of performance Sarah Dustagheer, ‘More lights […] Enter the Masquers, they dance’: John Marston and the Conditions of Indoor Performance

Darren Royston, John Davies and the cosmic dance of Orchestra

Anne Daye, For the honour of the house: The Memorable Masque in the context of Jacobean court dance culture

3.45-4.45 Keynote speaker Lucy Munro, Renaissance Men and Dirty Jokes: Wit and Community at the Middle Temple
4.45 Tea  

The conference proceedings are followed, in the evening, by the

Candlemas Revels at Middle Temple Hall

An evening of fine dining, drama, dance and music to celebrate at the traditional end of the Christmas festivities…  The entertainment will bring to life some of the work of the men studied at the conference – and will star John Marston, John Davies, Thomas Overbury, John Manningham, Benjamin Rudyerd and Richard Martin.

Additional booking is required for the revels; see conference website for further details or contact Jackie Watson on jwatso05@mail.bbk.ac.uk.


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