Thank you to all who came to the Conference!

This is pretty much the final post (rather than the last post…) on the conference – which passed very successfully!  Thank you to all speakers and to all those who contributed (often volubly and very profitably) from the floor.  Key issues raised through the two days  included the relationship between the social and literary and the legal at the Inns; the changing nature of the Inns and of the attitudes of Innsmen over the early modern period; and the situation of the Inns in the Tudor and Jacobean educational systems.  The conference focused to a large degree on how Middle Templars contributed to theatrical production, the specifics of artistic endeavour linked closely to the Inns (such as the use of dance and masques); and the relationship one might see in Innsmen’s works between law, the Inns milieu (if such a thing exists!) and theatre (both at the playhouses and in a wider dramatic environment).

Thanks too for all those who have reported on/responded to the conference or on the Candlemas Revels  by email or online.  Perhaps the fullest review is by Pete Kirwan at

It *isn’t* the last post in many ways, I hope, as I plan to be announcing soon further work to keep academic work on the early modern Inns of Court online.  If you were not at the conference, but would like to be involved in, or informed of, such work, please don’t hesitate to email ( and I’ll add you to my circulation list!

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Revels Booking now closed – but Conference still open today!

If you would like to make a last minute booking for the conference tomorrow and Saturday, please follow the link below.  All delegates should now have received the final schedule for the day, and maps for Birkbeck School of Arts (Friday’s venue) and Middle Temple Hall (Saturday’s venue).  Any queries, just email Jackie Watson on…

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Warning – registration closing soon…

There are still a few places for the conference available, but we’re delighted to say we’re almost full!

Registration for the Revels will remain open until 4pm on Wednesday 30th January.

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Groups welcome!

After requests, we’ve updated the booking link at so that you can book multiple tickets for the Revels and bring your friends, without having to pay for them all separately!  Sorry for not having done that from the beginning…

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Happy New Year!

More information on the Candlemas Revels…

A new page added today shows the menu for Saturday 2nd February.  The Press Release for the Revels is also there – so you can see more about the evening’s entertainments.

To book a place on the conference, just at the Revels, or for both, use this secure link –

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Draft Programme now available…

The programme for the two days of the conference is now available via the tab above.  As you can see, it’s busy – reflecting the large number of excellent proposals submitted.  The programme also gives keynote speakers’ titles to whet your appetite!

As a whole, the conference examines the life, work and influence of many famous (and some undeservedly less famous) Middle Templars – and several of the ‘men behaving badly’ will then be brought to life before your eyes in the Candlemas Revels which follow on Saturday evening…  More details of that coming soon!

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Middle Temple Library – access for researchers

Middle Temple library have approximately 9000 early printed books and 300 manuscripts, including 4000 books left by Robert Ashley (1565-1641) at the time of his death.  We’re liaising with their librarian at the moment to see if we can hear about/see some of the collection during the conference, but please remember that their catalogue is available online at:, and all of their early printed books are available in COPAC.

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